Gold Basin Mine

A mile off County Road 398, Granite, CO

Gold Basin Mine is on 161 acres about 10 miles west of Granite, CO, which is just north of Buena Vista, CO. All equipment, buildings, the business, and 10 CFS of water are included.

Gold is extracted using the placer method (mining by washing with water, i.e. NO chemicals).

The photo above shows the washing and separation mechanisms.

The altitude of the mine is 12,000+ feet; needless to say, the views from the property are breathtaking! The season is short: June through September unless you do as the “old-time” miners up there did-they built their cabins right on top of the mines so they wouldn’t have to go outdoors and deal with the 18 feet of snow that annually falls in this area!

Snow and altitude aside, consider carefully this unusual opportunity:

  1. Test holes indicate there are about 3 MILLION yards of ore body 32 feet deep to the bedrock. It has barely been touched.

  2. The famous “Lost Canyon Gold” that is found runs in size from 400 mesh to 4 ounce nuggets and all in-between. Samples of nuggets that have been found were sent to laboratories to determine fineness. The results proved to be 21 to 22k or 92-94% PURE.

  3. The 10 CFS (cubic feet per second) of water is from Cache Creek. Cache Creek basically runs the length of the property and its headwaters are located there. This is the water used to wash the gold from the soil and rock. After is it used it is held in a series of settling ponds, is re-circulated, and runs through the washing system over and over. There is an 85-90% recovery rate for the water each time it is run through.

  4. Sellers currently only process about 5,000 yards per season and work 10-12 hours per week. Historically, each yard has produced, on average, $10/yard in fine gold and $5/yard in nuggets. Expenses run about 10% and are mostly for fuel. So, let’s see now…$10-$15 per yard times 3,000,000 yards…YIKES, THAT IS A LOT OF GOLD! We should probably be asking more for this great opportunity.

  5. The succession permit allows for 70,000 yards of ore body per season to be processed. Of course, all mineral rights and everything needed (buildings, equipment, owner will even stay for a summer) are included in the price. Sellers will transfer/cooperate with the transfer of all permits to operate this mine. Permits also allows for the sale of sand and gravel: however, Sellers have not pursued either this profit center or sale of landscaping rocks.

  6. Gold Basin Mine is a tourist attraction open in the summer for a fee.

To find out more about this mine, call or email us. There are too many things to tell you on this little web page!


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