Vetter Farms

48975 East 112th Avenue, Bennett, CO



760 acres (you can buy all or as little as 80 acres) of prime farm ground. This is a property that would be perfect for an investor or a developer. It is about 10 miles east of Denver International Airport on paved Hwy. 79. It is 10-12 miles north of Bennett, CO off I-70. New homes and subdivisions are springing up all around this well located property. Good views of the mountains and gently rolling to flat terrain also make this property a perfect spot for a new home development. There is little, if any, airport noise. Most roads, including 1.5 miles of pavement, are already in place. The 600-acre piece has roads on three sides and the 160-acre piece has roads o two sides, which makes a big difference in development costs. This is a major school bus route, which means that snowy roads are plowed first!


If you want to farm it for a while and wait for even better prices, you can add the home place on forty acres and you will have a profit-producing farm. (See Vetter Home under Homes and Cabins.)

SO, you know the routine…Call or email for details. Prices are $1800/acre for the whole kit and caboodle or $2000/acre for 80-acre sites! 40’s just across the road are going for $3000/acre!! You better call me fast on this one!!


"Marketing Quality Ranch & Colorado Mountain Property"

Victoria Livingston

303.741.1900 office / 303.773.1585 facsimile